Website Design:

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Website Design

State-of-the-art website development.

Korber Group Inc. offers Solutions for businesses that want to drive more traffic to there websites though effective site designs keeping visitors engaged at all times. Our sites load quickly and are easy to navigate (intuitive navigation), widely accessible, and search engine friendly.
All this integrated in the design, That's the difference!

We work with businesses to:
- Select & Research domain names
- Create websites that are tightly integrated both in design and consistent with their corporate appearance to its public or client base. While maintaining their existing business structure.
- Creating new and refreshed designs to be integrated in a new corporate image.
- Maintain and update modules within websites so they are reflective of changes and corporate growth - Understand internet "On-Line" marketing.
- Creating custom, efficient and useful databases to improve efficiencies.
- Introducing new solutions like virtual tours where a visual presence is necessary.
- Integrating e-commerce solutions into any facet of a clients' websites.
- Monitor and interpret their statistical information by tracking campaigns and their effectiveness through online and "Cross Media Marketing"™.
- Choose efficient hosting packages that offer the accessibility and reliability for our clients.

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