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Website Analysis & Solutions

It's all about the results...

Korber Group Inc. analysis & solutions allow you to increase your sites optimization, usability, find-ability and accessibility. All that will give you more traffic and better conversion rates, boosting your return on the investment in your on-line presence. It is all about the results!

Korber Group Inc. offers the following Web Analysis packages:
1. General web site analysis
2. Find-ability analysis
3. Marketability / Competitive Analysis
4. Usability Analysis
5. Website Hosting Analysis

Web Analysis and Solution Packages vary by depth and range of analysis and time period of research. The recommended analysis package is custom made for each client based on what are their needs, goals and expectation.

Package One - General Website Analysis

This package provides the basic analysis of code, graphics and copy. The technical issues focuses on checking if your website meets the industry standards both of w3.org and search engines optimization guidelines. The user experience & marketing analysis focuses on copy, images and graphics - both the impact and the access.

This analysis package includes analysis of :
- Layout - cross browser & cross platform analysis
- Copy analysis - marketing & SEO
- Graphics
- Loading
- Navigation
- Dead links
- Uniformity
- Legibility
- Overall targeting effectiveness - end user experience analysis

Package Two - Find-ability Website Analysis

Effective websites can be found on the major search engines and directories. If you cannot find your site in the major search engines among organic (not paid for) results, it can be caused by:
- factors within the site like infrastructure, coding & copy
- outside factors like search engine saturation, link popularity and many more.

Korber Group Inc. find-ability package includes analysis of:
- Site infrastructure: code, server side and user-side scripting, style sheets etc.
- User visible elements: graphics, text, keywords, links etc.
- User invisible tags (meta tag and code tags).
- Crawlers view - which shows you how search engine robots see your page.

Package Three - Marketability / Competitive Analysis

Korber Groups Inc. competitive analysis targets audience(s) on the Internet with recommended ways to establish greater audience reach.

Our competitive analysis package includes:
- Industry analysis and target market analysis
- Targeted keyword popularity
- Competition (locally, regionally, or nationally) their online presence, popularity and page rank
- Associate sites (for link development)

Package Four - Usability Website Analysis

Real time queries showing effectiveness of your site using real web surfers in real time in a controlled and monitored environment.

The research method is tailored for each side and each audience individually. Below are presented sample solutions that may be applied.
1. Questionnaire forms created to understand client's goals. Various forms applied to all test subjects.
2. Overall assessments provided by each individual. Different elements are presented for assessment. Some element cross over to determine the real user experience and minimize the impact of falsely given answers.
3. Navigation analysis- user friendliness is analyzed with specific tasks and without the tasks - like just browsing. Monitored are: number of clicks to complete goals, level of understanding, navigation intuitiveness, and users comments about the site.
4. A/B tests - presenting to randomly divided groups different version of the same site, mailing etc. this allows to determine more efficient solutions. Sometimes the slightest difference may bring huge increase in the conversions.

Package Five - Hosting web site analysis

Korber Group Inc. understands today's demand for web hosting and it effects on the performance of your website. The hosting service plays a major part in the access to your website:
- Loading & Speed - how quickly your website loads depend not only on the internet sped of your visitor but also on the speed of your hosting server.
- Transfer limits -Did you know there are Limits and your website may be blocked if you exceed them?
- Available disk space - How much space do you really need?
- What is your hosting servers' uptime? Downtime means loosing your money.

Korber Group Inc. realizes for whatever reason your hosting doesn't fit your company we will fit one to your size or one that expands to your needs. Since we are not associated with any hosting service provider, and we don't sell our own hosting - this allows us the objectiveness in choosing your hosting services. We constantly monitor the market of hosting providers and domain registrants, checking their performance and reliability.

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