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Web Traffic Tracking Solutions

Know where your dollars are most effective!

Korber Group Inc. offers Web Tracking Solutions that enable our clients to interpret and track advertising campaigns, whether they are web based or thru tradition advertising channels. Imagine being able to monitor ad campaigns and there effect through the use of "Cross Media Marketing"™.

Web Tracking Solutions will tell you:
- Location what city your visitor was from
- Date & time what was the date and time of their visit.
- Period of time visitors spend on your website
- What was viewed what pages where viewed
- How they found your website - by organic search or thru Google or did they search by your business name and under what search engine or did they type your web site address in the address bar.
- Operating system and size of monitors that are being used to view your website by your public
- and much more.

Let Korber Group Inc. show you how to track your media spending. Know where your dollars are most effective - No more second guessing!

Acquiring and interpreting useful traffic data enables Korber Group Inc. to design accordingly to your clients changing needs and to develop highly cost efficient marketing strategies for your business.
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