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Rich Media Advertising

Introducing the online world of advertising

Korber Group Inc. provides Rich Media Marketing. Rich media advertising techniques are the use of color, imagery, page layout, animation and other elements in order to attract the viewer. Most of these colors in the ads are quite intrusive, because they are designed to distract the viewer from the desired content.

Below are listed examples of the rich media use:
1. Banner Advertisements - a standard image displayed on a website. Banner ads are available in numerous sizes and shapes.
2. Interstitial ad - displayed ads are shown before the requested content.
3. Floating advertisements - ads that move across the user's screen or floats above the content.
4. Expanding advertisements - ads that alters in size and as well as the contents of the web-page. Usually shown small and enlarge when visitor place the cuss over the ad.
5. Polite advertisements - when a large ad is downloaded in smaller pieces.
6. Wallpaper advertisements - ads that changes the background of the page viewed.
7. Play on Demand Video ads - video starts streaming only after the user hits play.
8. Other kinds of on-line advertisements containing streaming Video or Images (very popular with advertisers).

Korber Group Inc. can help you maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your rich media campaigns, not only trough the efficient design and placement, but also trough analysis of your campaign results.

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