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Rafa Ramos Cigars

Korber Group Inc. was approached by Rafa Ramos, the goal was to create Branding, Offline & Online Marketing Solutions, as well as Cross Media Marketing Solutions. After retaining our services and our consultation, we planned a campaign that would be built in stages.

First stage is focused on establishing his print media market trough a dual approach:
a) a image building and informative print ad
b) a retail driven print ad directed to his market

Web Development has been planned as a second stage. After completing the website and e-commerce third stage will be full implementation of "Cross Media Marketing"™ Solutions.

Korber Group Inc. understands that when undertaking a project "It doesn't end here". Once marketing research was initiated a plan of action was put in place. The print ads and the web development are just the beginning. Ramos was looking to grow as a company and "needed a partner to share his visions".

Ramos is a believer in traditional structure establishing and creating a strong steady base. He needs a marketing company that will follow going at his own pace. Sort of like the Tortoise in that famous race with the hare.

Korber Group Inc. main goal is getting your business where you see yourself, at your pace and within your budget allowances.

Rafa Ramos Cigars