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On-line Banner Design

Virtual billboards.

Korber Group Inc. offers solutions for effective banner designs for on-line advertising on search engines, specialized directories, and portal or other web sites. Banner designs can include illustrations, photos, GIF animation, Flash, image maps and or other types of elements. All our designs are thought out for maximum effectiveness.

We offer:
- Animated 468 X 60 ads
- Skyscraper 120 x 600
- Facing Skyscrapers (2) 120 x 600
- Button Ads 88 x 31
- Rich Media Ads
- Flash Banner Ads
- custom banners upon request.

What makes an effective Banner Design?
Banner advertising follows the same rules as any retail or national advertisement - design is the key to it's success. Banners should include certain elements:
- Animation should load Quickly and should be designed to attract attention not to distract from the product.
- Short copy - short text and to the point.
- Attractive colors - alluring but consistent within brand recognition.
- Offer or keywords used properly to provoke response.
- Proper link passage to an effective landing page, with the link itself being properly optimized.

Banners should be kept fresh - rotating every 15 days for best results depending on you audience. Response should be constantly monitored and analyzed trough Web Tracking Solutions to make sure your advertising investment has satisfying click thru rates and ROI.

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