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Off-line advertising

Cost to effect balance of online and offline

Korber Group Inc. recognizes that most online based businesses forget about offline advertising. It is important to combine online and offline advertising & marketing together in your marketing campaigns. The result is a well rounded approach to promotions that attract potential prospects and customers you might not have been targeting.

As online advertising is becoming more and more prevalent and consumer devote more and more time to this medium, larger proportions of marketing budgets are being shifted towards online campaigns. The concept behind offline advertising - is any advertising not done online. The phrase is not to be confused with "Cross Media Marketing"™.

Korber Group Inc. has a clear understanding that all media regardless offline, online or "cross media"™ all need be consistent and interwoven in cost∼effect balance. It functions like a "spider web" built between all existing media, making it easier to capture your pray. To learn more call or contact us today!