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Modern Media Market Overview

The power of the Internet as a mass medium

The Internet is considered the greatest 20th century marketing gift to the modern world. Since its beginning it has developed into the most complex business and economic tool. In the first Quarter of 2000 many firms failed due to the poor business planning & lacking the know-how combined with unrealistic goals. In the past few years we have had "THE RE-BIRTH PERIOD" of the Internet. The growth of the Internet as a medium has become a billion dollar industry and growing strong. If approached correctly and combined with traditional media through the apllication of "Cross Media Marketing"™ and a strong researched plan of action, will result and surpass all projected marketing expectations.

First you need to ask yourself:
- Who are our customers?
- Who is your competition and what are they doing?
- What are there channel dynamics?
- Which "Cross Media Marketing"™ strategies are most effective for your business?
- What stage of development your business/ product is in?
- Are your business goals realistic?
- When will I make a return on investment?
- How will I make a return on investment?
- Is your web-development company doing there job?
- Does your web-development company know what they are doing?
- Is your web-development company handling your "www." as a advertisement or as a medium?

Korber Group Inc.'s learning curve is our knowledge. The know-how and our experience to deliver what we say. The old fashion way of doing business with results and coming through with our word!

Korber Group Inc. practices ethical technical methods to manage ads and there distribution and viewer-ship of your website. Our goal is to capitalize on the increasing market of the Internet, by treating it as a medium, opposed to our competitors approach as merely an advertisement. Korber Group Inc. understanding of the online advertising industry has developed through:
1. Specialized technical systems that manage the ways ads are distributed and viewer-ship totaled.
2. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), established guidelines for the counting methodology, size , and other aspects.
3. Experience over 28 years experience In Traditional Retail and National Advertising (in Latin America, US,and Europe ) and over 10 years in Modern Media Development & Design.

Korber Group Inc. understands in choosing your Advertising and Marketing company, there should be open lines of communication, knowledge and know how to meet all your needs. After all who knows your customers best... other than you! It is in this philosophy that brings results, Korber Group Inc. knows its market as you know your clients, working together towards a common goal... Success ! Contact us today!