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Marketing Research

Know who your clients are before you target them...

Korber Group Inc. recognizes Marketing Research as the systematic gathering, recording, and analyzing of data about pros and cons relating to the marketing of your business, products, and services. Whether you are an existing company or wish to launch a new business or product, marketing researchis of utmost importance in strategic planning. Since Marketing Research is not a science it allows room for the unexpected, we create the necessary cushions when introducing your new product or business.

In order to design an effective marketing strategy you need to ask yourself the following questions:
- Who are (or will be) your customers?
- Who are (or will be) your potential customers?
- What kind of people are they?
- What are (or will be) there impulses?
- Where do they live?
- What is ( or will be ) there income level?
- Is it something they want or need?
- Are your prices consistent with the market?
- Are my existing promotional programs working?
- What is my customers thoughts on my products?
- How does (or will) my business compare with my competitors?

Having a understanding of who your customer base is (or who you wish it to be) is vital in Strategic Marketing research. Targeting your audience through demographics and habits as consumers, creates your marketing research to be precise and focused.

Korber Group Inc. understands, that to conduct marketing research, you must gather facts and opinions in an orderly, objective way to find out what people want to buy, or how to make it appealing to them.

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