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About Korber Group Inc.

We are here not just for today... we want to develop each client
to their highest potential in today's competitive business world.

Michael J.Korber - founder and CEO of Korber Group Inc.
Formerly owner of Korber Advertising Inc." the Retail Group " and one of the founders and Senior Art Director of Carabiner Inc. - the in-house agency for Gonzalez Padin Department stores.

Korber Group Inc. is a full service Advertising & Marketing Company of traditional (national and retail) experience combined with a modern media solutions. Korber has worked in all aspects of retail & national advertising and marketing. He has built and re-built companies from concept, strategies to manifestation using all the tools available in the powerful marketing arena from:
- Branding
- Marketing Research
- Creative Concepts
- Media Applications & Distribution
- Market Analysis
- Corporate Identity

all trough true and ethical practices.

Korber joined efforts with european modern media experts who have experience in portals, vortals and web development applications. "My Modern Media Team Leader has the knowledge and the competitive edge necessary to compete head on in the fast growing modern media arena."

This combination and the introduction of "Cross Media Marketing"™ gives the edge most companies do not have. In yesterdays and today's market the most important aspect hasn't changed, and that is - being one step ahead of your competitors! The Internet combined with the proper aplications of "Cross Media Marketing"™ allows just that, to obtain the winning edge.

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