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Interactive Branding

Branding that's more than a logo...

Korber Group Inc. understands, that the key to an effective Branding & Brand Development (online & offline alike) lays within the marketing consistency and its reinforcement. Korber Group Inc. has the know-how and online marketing components to bring your brand to the top of today's virtual and traditional media environment.

We offer Full Service Online Branding services for all companies, products, from design to corporate image that drives action while providing your business with results.

We assure that your branding creates the attention your business needs with the right development, identity and positioning.
Korber Group Inc. gets your brand noticed, simultaneously building customer loyalty − and profits. We cover this development in the areas of:
- Brand Development
Brand Equity
Brand Identity
Brand Positioning
Brand Representation
Brand Logos

Korber Group Inc. understands the meaning of brand development. We also understand the difference between Advertising and Branding! Advertising Campaigns change, due to the market shifts and its audience, but your branding is permanent. Your branding consistently reinforces the appropriate messages to your key audiences. Your branding is your core identity.

Korber Group Inc. is the Difference! Firms that create branding and Brand Development are often difficult to distinguish from graphic design firms. Because Branding is more than a logo design!

To find out more about development of your Brand, contact us today!