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Cross Media Marketing™

The synergic effect of cross media solutions.

Korber Group Inc. creator of the trademarked "Cross Media Marketing"™ in Puerto Rico understands that Cross Media Marketing™ is more than a marriage of media. Today "Cross Media Marketing"™ is most commonly known as a combination between off-line and on-line advertising. "Cross Media Marketing"™ brings all traditional advertising methods together with the Internet treated and used as a mass medium not an advertisement.

To date the most aggressive medium is the Internet. Only trough the Internet an advertising campaign can be tracked, to such lengths (provided trough Web Tracking Solutions). "Cross Media Marketing"™ is the tool, that is most often overlooked by the Internet entrepreneurs. "Cross Media Marketing"™ allows options through print, press, and the airway media etc., to guide customers or new leads to your website or your physical business location.

Korber Group Inc. will get your campaigns on track to be more effective and profitable through "Cross Media Marketing"™. For better understanding of how "Cross Media Marketing"™ can benefit your business contact us today!