Advertising & Marketing:

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Traditional Media Advertising

Bringing back creativity with national and retail know-how.

Korber Group Inc. offers Traditional Advertising & Marketing Solutions for large corporation to small businesses. With over 28 years experience in the Latin, US and European markets we provide the services that you would expect from a full service Advertising and Marketing Firm.

ACCOUNT services:
- Strategic Planning
- Brand and Branding
- Marketing research & Awareness
- Account Planning and Forecasts
- Media Research , Planning and Buying
- Pubic Relations & Promotions
- Event Planning
- CI (Corporate Identity)
- Business & Investment proposals

CREATIVE services:
- Television
- Radio
- Press
- Print
- Outdoor
- Design
- Direct mail
- Exhibit Design
- Interior store designs
- Night club Design
- Graphics
- All Design Development of Corporate Identity
- All Product , Indoor & Outdoor Photography
Everything you would expect and more...

Korber Group Inc. is formed by re-grouped associates that have witnessed a decay in customer service and creativity in the last decade. Our goal is to bring back the creativity combining it with extensive national and retail know-how. Our strategies effectively utilize both: modern and traditional solutions - which we trade marked as a "Cross Media Marketing"™.
Learn how "Cross Media Marketing"™ can benefit your company.
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